senior shoots
High school senior shoots do not need to be boring-because-mom-dragged-them kind of
sessions.  We want them to be fun-filled-creative-live-laugh-be-unique kind of sessions. 

We LOVE, by far, the latter option.  By nature, (good) photographers are artists who happen to use light and cameras to paint our pictures.  The more challenging and creative they are, the more fun we have doing them.  Sometimes we have an image in mind and begin to create till we get it.  Other times we capture amazing images in the course of having fun. 

This shoot was a combination of those times.  It took an unseasonably hot winter’s day, a baseball-playing senior who is game for anything, a mom who could jump into action at a moment??™s notice, an amazing photographer who understands light, speed shooting, his equipment and how they all work together, and his wife.  I could write a paragraph about her :).  Suffice it to say, she pulled all of the above together and the vision was realized.

This has to rate as one of our top 5 senior shoots on the fun-dial.  Steven arrived at 1pm when the sun was high and bright and no photographer worth a dime would shoot.  All he had was his baseball gear, a hint of curiosity and a boatload of trust.  He knew he would get wet but that was all.  After a quick explanation, he stepped up. 
He was very compliant.  Mom jumped in and started throwing water balls at him, as she used to when he was little.  She was flooded with memories of a time when he was little.  Now about to graduate, this was probably the last time she would be pitching to him.  Steven hit each exploding water ball out of the park.  When we say “No limits” senior shoots, we mean it. 

The resulting images did NOT disappoint.  

Tony Juays (CPP) is a Certified Professional Photographer and a long time standing member of the Professional Photographers of America.

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