Importance of a Professional Headshot

They say that a photo is worth a thousand words. While this saying has been overdone, especially in the professional photography world, we do have to agree with it. This is especially so in the world of corporate headshots! Since most of us check out professionals to hire online, rather than in-person, it’s important that the online presence is professional, intentional, and just right for the final effect.


Importance of a Professional Headshot - Steve Patrick
Steve Patrick

Headshots done right!
When you’re in the professional world, you get a chance to show online browsers who you are just by putting up the right headshot for them to see front and center. When done properly, the right headshot will:

Show your personality in a professional way: No stilted smiles or awkward positions, here! You can use a headshot to have a professional yet natural and relaxed shot that will instantly put the viewer at ease.

Show that you are trustworthy: While the positioning in the photo is great for a personality-loaded shot, it’s also going to help show that you are a true professional who has put the time and effort into getting proper headshots done. It can help the customer know that you’re the real deal and worth reaching out to.

Help you engage interested customers: Customers want to see professionalism and openness when they are searching for who’s out there that can help them out. When a headshot conveys that to the searcher, they’ll be a lot more willing to reach out and get in touch than someone who has stilted or — worse — unprofessional photos up on their website.

Juays Photography is here to help with your headshot needs!
For the past several years, we’ve had the privilege of working with Clay Allen Real Estate for professional headshots for their real estate agents. We recently had the honor of photographing a new addition, Steve Patrick. Having served his country in the United States Air Force for over 20 years, he has transitioned into selling homes to those in his community. As proud supporters of those who have served their country, it was truly a joy to help show this veteran how much we appreciate his service. 

We were able to take some professional and authoritative photos that help capture all of the traits that a corporate headshot should. Since headshots are a key part of getting your information to interested people, Juays Photography offers a free* eBiz Card with every corporate headshot photoshoot. This is an information-packed card that you can share with anyone that you want to online, offering a much more modern version to your standard business card! You can take a look at Steve Patrick’s eBiz Card here!


Your headshot should never be an afterthought because that sentiment will come through to those looking at it! Since you always want your first impression to be the best one possible, put some effort into finding corporate headshots in East Texas that will give you all of the perks of shots taken the right way.

Importance of a Professional Headshot

Tony Juays (CPP) is a Certified Professional Photographer and a long time standing member of the Professional Photographers of America. Juays Photography is a husband and wife team that specialize in High School Senior & Family portraits as well as Corporate Headshots

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