What you put in to your shoot determines the result - Juays Photography

August 14, 2016

So much more goes into a shoot than just smile and click. There is all the excitement of planning, synchronizing schedules, and deciding on wardrobe.  On the day there is hair and make up and getting ready. I will be the first to admit that the pre-shoot happenings often take more time than the actual shoot.   It cannot be denied that the effort that is put in to the wardrobe, co-ordination of colors and general appearance of the family is directly related to the wow factor  of the resulting portrait.  

We recently had the joy of working with a wonderful and prominent family in town.  The mom had been wanting a family portrait done for two years.  Finally they managed to wrangle all family members and made it happen.  This is the review we received from them: 

When we decided to have family pictures done it was important that it be a quality work. We had specific ideas in mind and were looking for a classy, high quality image that we could proudly display in our business as well as our home. We decided to fully dress up and coordinate our outfits in blacks a greys The centerpiece would be my wife's dress which meant a day of shopping (which she didn't mind at all) and we had to help our four boys round out their attire with various suit coats, shoes, and ties.

When we had coordinated our outfits and schedules, we met at Juays Photography's studio here in Marshall for the shoot. They have a great place and the atmosphere was professional and comfortable. A week or so later, when the photos were ready, we were able to view the images in the studio on a huge screen where you can see the quality and attention to detail. We were able to view the images to scale and it was a great help to see them on the actual walls of our home.  This ensured that we bought the correct size relative to our wall space.
The final prints we chose were presented in the finest packaging. The Juays' meticulously framed our large portrait and presented it ready to display in our business. My wife said "These aren't  just photos they're cherished memories we'll have forever."
Thank you Juays Photography. Our experience with you was 5 stars from beginning to end!

William & Shauna Putnam - R&R Bakery and Coffee Shoppe 

What you put in to your shoot determines the result - Juays Photography

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Comments (1)

Molly Dominguez

on August 18, 2016 10:35 AM
It is no surprise to me that Juays Photography has created yet another spectacular masterpiece!!! They never cease to amaze! So dedicated are they to art of all that goes into their work!!! And I LOVE your dress Shauna ???? and the whole concept behind the shoot!! 10 stars ????????????????????????????????????????
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