Roadtripping West USA Day 3

July 20, 2015
Day 3

Flagstaff was a lovely little town. But the 2 hour time change had us up at 5 am. 
We did get to travel the historic Route 66.
Some random thoughts: ( I did warn you about the mess in my brain)
1) America is huge. 
2) Creation is amazing.
3) I am Totally dependent on LTE or wifi (and frustrated with 3G).
4) Some drivers are really inconsiderate. Isn't it common knowledge that in USA you keep right and pass left? And if you drive a "I think I Can" then stay right and let us overtake you till you can.
5) When taking this trip keep your Gas tank full and your bladder empty because gas stations are few and far between on this stretch.
6). The railway system - wow. 120 cars on a 4 engine train. Yes, I was so bored I counted them  (more than once...).

7) There are a Gazillion trucks in America and they are all out on the roads whenever we are. And Driver says that most trucks are "I think I can's".

8)  The vegitation changes magically from state to state on the actual state line.

9) I forgot just how much I miss palm trees.

10) Travel is an adventure that is VITAL to the education and rounding of a person .


Gas prices are climbing 


Temperatures are dropping

some bridge somewhere...  Really there is not much to see on this trip...

Cali roads department are too poor to have a colorful Welcome Sign.

But they can afford border patrol.  "I see you're from Texas? Any fruit or vegetables?"  Driver, "No sir" (Totally confirming he is from Texas by the use of Sir).  At this point I was thinking of saying, "Yes, please, let me have 2 apples, a bannana and a head of lettuce ..."

We made it safely to Bakersfield, and jumped in to the pool at the hotel.  

Me thinks I am in love...


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