Road tripping West USA

July 18, 2015

Yesterday we embarked on a 5000 mile plus vacation to The West coast of USA. I had many people ask me to "keep them posted" I said sure! So here's my first attempt at a blog.

It is always challenging for me to start a story. I really have a jumbled up mess of thoughts and ideas running around in my head, in different directions, all at the same time. Often, I am not sure how to articulate them. I really wont mind if you just choose to look at the pictures and not read my waffle.

For this trip to be put in perspective, I have to back up a little and give you some history.

18 Months ago my mom and her husband, who reside in Australia, started planning their dream North American vacation. A 3 month vacation visiting Texas, East coast, West coast, Alaska and Canada. As you'd imagine this takes MUCH planning. All the tickets and hotels and coaches & cruises were booked when one of the tour companies rescheduled the San Fransisco-Las Angeles coach trip. the dates conflicted so mom just got a refund for that leg of the journey.


3 Months ago, a company Tony worked for restructured their company and no longer needed Tony's (and two-thirds of their staff) service. (Yes-That's a nice way of saying he is jobless and now a FULL TIME PHOTOGRAPHER)

So by some divine orchestration, mom asked if we would consider an all expenses paid trip to be their replacement coach drivers. No job- quiet photography season - all expenses paid vacation- no brainer!

And so it begins...

Day 1 was off to a rocky start. We had to replace two back tires (insert growl at Dodge for not putting regular sized and easily available tires on their otherwise lovely Journey).

Then, No sooner did we get on the road and I spilled half a grande latte down the front of my shirt and lap. But, I digress. The trip was underway.

First leg of the journey was Marshall to Lubbock Texas. 500 miles and 12 hours on the road with all our shenanigans and a dinner stop.

What impressed me was how many hay bales, sunflowers and wind turbines I saw along the road. I am always touched deeply when I see huge, larger-than-houses, Texas and USA flags highway side. I'm interested in the varying price of fuel and I'm in awe of sunsets. Especially at the end of a long and winding road. 

So please, feel free to join us for a photo journey around western USA .  If you have "must see" or "have to eat there" places then please drop us a line we'd love to hear from you.


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