Road tripping West USA. Day 6

July 23, 2015

Day 6

San Fransisco 

Today's blog will consist of mainly one story. 
Once upon a time there was a techno geek who could not fathom how to walk 6 blocks without a gps. The techno geek had a wife who had a very good sense of direction and an even better sense of not arguing with her husband, and then there's techno geek's-wife's-mom's-husband who by all accounts used to be a good tour guide in his day. 
Stick with me here. 
On this day, they needed to get some laundry done. The hotel they were at charged $5 per item. So, after using technology they found a laundry that does wash and fold service for 1.30 per lb. it was 6 blocks from the hotel. Wife had a good idea how to get there. She also figured it was close to the very pretty attraction of the windy road of Lombard street. Now that is wind as in windy turns not wind as in moving air.  Anyway, It seemed a good idea to collect the laundry and the men and their cameras and go to he laundry then after that, on a walk-about. 
Off they went. 
Techno geek handed his wife the iPhone-with-gps directions loaded and said to follow her instructions. (Yes it is interesting that he has chosen a female gps voice to give him directions but I digress).
Without an argument wife took instructions from gps lady. After a 5 block walk of steep hills (with laundry) tour guide noticed that gps was leading them astray. Techno geek blamed wife. Wife had been wondering for the last 4 blocks where the laundry facility was. Techno geek felt that wife MUST have pushed something to go wrong. Support consultation, and two different phone apps were consulted on the corner of the street. The 3 stooges were so close to the tourist attraction that they decided to just go to Lombard street (with laundry). 

 Much walking a stopping and huffing and puffing and laughing and complaining and stopping and finger pointing went on for the next 4 blocks. But they made it to the Lombard street windy road.(still with their laundry). 

 Now many people looked at 3 stooges and wondered why they brought their laundry up to the windy Lombard street tourist attraction.  Wife just smiled bravely.  They posed and even selfie'd and then started journey back down more very steep hills, (with laundry).

And wife took them to the laundry facility, then 6 blocks back to hotel. This next pic is taken from the laundry side of Lombard street so you can see how far we lugged laundry

And when you start the day that way, everything else seems hilarious too.


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