Road Tripping West USA day 2

July 19, 2015

Day 2

Yesterday we started out at 9 am from our Hotel in Lubbock.  Yes. First stop was Starbucks. Now I have to say that it's not my favorite coffee (I'm more of a imported Italian Lavazza girl), but after a rough night in a tiny hard bed, I needed it.

While driving through the last bit of Texas, a few things dawned on me:
1) It takes forever... about 8 hours to drive from east to west across the state of Texas.  this seems like forever because it's FLAT and you cannot see anything for miles.
2) I realized (like the country song says) that God did bless Texas with His own hands. Now I'm sure He had different blessings for other states but when he got to New Mexico, well, I don't know what happened but it's barren and boring. 

3) I realized that Texas Pride out ways all the other states (so far). Texas is clean, has flags flying everywhere and many law enforcement officers keeping their eye on things. I have looked for flags in New Mexico as well as Arizona for my collages.  Nothing.  Not one!  Also, never saw any law enforcement in New Mexico in 5 hours of driving through there.  

4) The mountain formations in Arizona are amazing.

We found a motel in flagstaff that was the only place with rooms available and they cost an arm and a leg. Seriously, what could be so exciting in Flagstaff on a Saturday night?  Anyway,  We paid it.  My arm and leg because clearly the driver cannot part with his ;)

More tomorrow...


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