Road Tripping West USA, Day 12

July 30, 2015

Tour guide was responsible for making sure we saw all we could of Monterey and then on to the "17 mile drive". But only after driver made a stop at Starbucks because the coffee at the Inn was - well, the less said about that, the better...

17 Mile drive is a coastal road that hugs the coast line, winding around some of the most amazing properties.  We enjoyed seeing "how the other half live", but have all agreed that we are totally content with our portions.  To our surprise, this road took us to the world famous Pebble Beach Golf Course.  

The club house is nothing less than expected - Fabulous!  

The stores are magnificent, and tour guide agreed to pose like a mannequin for my shot.   

Wife-of-Tour Guide spotted a little sparkly that she would like to have added to her collection of sparkles .  She also noticed that it was HUGLY discounted so asked if he would buy it for her.  

The trees and vegetation along the coast was interesting.  

From Pebble beach we took the scenic Hwy 1.  Although misty, it was beautiful.  

We arrived in time for lunch at the cute little village of Carmel.  

Here Tour guide used the children's crayons to give us a masterpiece drawing of Australia.  Complete with City Names. Mom captured this memory:

I need to insert a Shout-out to driver who did a great job negotiating the turns and twists of Scenic Hwy 1!
I should also add that I thought we learned to keep the gas tank full lest you get on to a strech of road that is 40 miles of nothing (but scenic beauty) and you have 30 miles to empty...  You pray that you see a gas station! Then you do. This is the price you pay:

Next stop: Elephant Seals.  They Smell, and Grunt and Smell.  That's all.

What else do you do when you see a castle on top of the hill?  You turn off to see what its all about.  Tour guide took this one:

 It was a tourist trap.  Beautiful no doubt, but at $25 per person for a tour of the bedrooms, or $25 for gardens and pool, we looked around the visitor center and hit the road to the quaintest village in California, Solvang.  Tomorrow you will be flooded with pictures.  I appologise in advance.  

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