Road Tripping USA Day 4

July 21, 2015

Day 4

Let me start this post by saying that Driver feels one must REALLY love one's mother-in-law to drive 1622 miles to the airport to pick her up. :)  (Glad she loves him too)

The last leg of our trip to the airport was the shortest. Only 250 miles. 
We started our day with a good hotel breakfast. 

Then we lazed by the pool for 2 hours.

Then back on the road again. 
The road time has been good. Driver and I have laughed and joked. We have turned the radio up full ball and sang hits from the 60's, 70's and 80's at the top of our lungs. We have talked about our lives and some future plans. We have spent the lottery winnings a few times over (insert reminder to buy a ticket sometime). We have reminisced of our younger days and shared childhood memories. We have reconnected after a very busy few weeks/months of just talking work. 

Since we made it in to the city in good time we had time to spare. Since driver is a techno-geek-and-Apple-fan, it seemed a good idea to swing by silicone valley. 

We stopped at the Apple mothership. Our phones, Ipad and two Apple desktops were all excited. Naturally we took a commemorative picture (right after 15 Japanese students took theirs ;)

Then off to google. How did we know all these locations? We googled them. 

Well. Let me tell you all, I have not laughed as much in a long time. My tears were running down my legs. (driver says they were not tears...) Here's why. Google have hundreds of Google-colored, vintage style bikes standing / laying around. ( look on ground behind sign) 

Driver and I decide (in the absence of any sign boards or notices to the contrary), that we should grab the two on the walkway near our car and cycle the HQ campus. Turns out that these two bikes were for tiny people. We could not get our feet on both pedals. Not on the first, second or third try.  Add to that: we are large and round. Add to that: we are very conscious of everybody looking at us.  Add to that: we have not cycled in years. It may have been funnier for people who were actually there so here you go:

Then Driver got up the hill and had to video me...We made it to San Fransisco safely.

Till tomorrow...


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