Military Family Memories by Juays Photography

August 25, 2017

Military Family Memories - Never Forgotten

Military Family members are special to all of us. Not only because of their sacrifice, but because of how their sacrifice effects us, their family. At Juays Photography, we love incorporating military family members in to our images.These are often more than just a photo.More than just a picture.More than a snap with a camera.The image itself evokes an emotion.Many times the family member is no longer with us and the image is a tribute to a memory.A memory that is so cherished and loved. The image we create is composed of thoughts, memories and ideas to show the love between two people. This is why you choose a professional photographer like Juays Photography.We pride ourselves in taking these commissions seriously, with passion and with compassion.

Jack Smith - Military Family Memories

Recently, a high school senior, Brittney, told us of her Grand father, Jack Smith.A military man.He was a Sergeant First Class (SFC) in the United States Army.He served his country with pride until he retired from the Army.Jack Smith was murdered recently and today, August 25th would have been his birthday.Brittney was very close to her grand father and his absence has left a huge hole in her life.She wanted to pay tribute to him in one of her senior pictures.Brittney has a tattoo dedicated to her pawpaw.

Jack Smith - Never Forgotten

We have had more than one Senior ask us to incorporate a loved and cherished and influential family member in their lives, into their senior pictures.Last year it was a loved grandmother who lost her battle to cancer.Later this year we will feature another young lady in our blog.A lady who comes from a heritage and family tree that she is proud of.We have been commissioned by her parents to pay tribute to these family members in some of her senior pictures.

Never Forgotten


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